Selenite Wand, Raw

Selenite Wand, Raw

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Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, selenite has a wonderful, pearly "moon glow".  It clears and charges other stones and can do the same for you. Selenite will remove all other energy from your energy field and is a great stone for empaths and healers.  It opens the crown chakra and lifts your vibration. Placing a piece by your bed can help you sleep more deeply and putting one by your front door can assist you in releasing the worries of the day when you come home.


Comes in the following sizes:

- 1-2 Inch Selenite Wand

- 3-4 Inch Selenite Wand

- 4-5 Inch Selenite Wand

- 8-10 Inch Selenite Wand

- 14-16 Inch Selenite Wand