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    This sacred bag (pouch) is hand cut and Crafted from medium brown (saddle color) Deer hide. The outdoor images are the closest to the actual color of the leather. It is embellished with silver, yellow, and printed beads. The bag has a draw string closure and locking bead. The bag is 1" tall  and has a 1" diameter bottom. (beads and straps hang below)  Each neck strap is apx 12" in  length and is tied to desired length by the wearer. It features the artists contemporary twist on petroglyph symbols, a turtle, and hopi rain cloud (the water mark of the artist)

    Each sacred bag is hand crafted by First Nations Artist Hiloha Homa. They are created by hand with traditional materials and methods. These bags are to hold your spiritually connected items and medicines. each is crafted as a sacred piece of energetic art with reverence to the artists indigenous culture. Custom orders are available. Please email to inquire.

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