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Welcome to Essential Elements Wellness

Your one-stop-shop for healing and metaphysical.

Located in the historic strip of Downtown Melbourne, we are a small space with one of the greatest selections of crystals, herbs, smudges, and sterling silver jewelry in all of Brevard County. Opened in 2018 by founder Angie Clark, the store was originally only a retail space for crystals and metaphysical tools. Then, we transformed the adjacent space into the newly renovated Wellness Center where we host an array of classes, workshops, readings, and healings.

We are open every day from 11:00am - 6:00pm EST at

1010 E. New Haven Ave, Melbourne FL 32901

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1 Hour Tarot Reading

A one-hour reading with your choice of one of our knowledgeable staff on life's biggest questions. Book for an in-depth reading with more time for detailed answers.

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30 Minute Tarot Reading

A 30-minute reading with your choice of one of our knowledgeable staff on life's biggest questions. Book for general or basic spreads and questions.

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Wellness Practitioners

Angie Clark

Angie Clark is a Psychic Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Universal Channel, Exorcist, Herbalist, Life Coach, Master Teacher, and Spiritual Guide.She is Clairsentient, Claircognizant, and Clairvoyant. An Intuitive all her life, Angie has been working professionally in the field of holistic healing and metaphysics for years. She has extensive training in many energy fields, modalities, and wellness techniques. She combines these tools to help you find your balance and empowerment to move forward in life.  Angie only works with beings of light and light work.

Tamara Shubert

Tamara Shubert is our shop Manager, Tarot Expert, and Clairvoyant with decades of experience. Tamara's gifts were developed early in life and she has since honed them with craft and practice. Through her readings and innate gifts, she is able to tap into the ether and deliver the information you may need to move forward and heal in life. While she's not a crystal ball telling you your exact future - she is often receiving client feedback that what she told them weeks, sometimes even months prior, was right.

Tiffany Carter

Tiffany Carter is our Store and Wellness Center's Marketing and Social Media Manager. Her work with Structured Water involves using Shungite and Quartz to treat water on a molecular level to be more beneficial to the body.

After a dream in which an Ancestor came to her and guided her to work with drinking water - she turned to her work with Shungite. She now offers a class on Shungite Water and how to use it to benefit the body.

To email Tiffany Carter with any questions:

Reese Kelly

Reese Kelly is a student in Reiki and Massage Therapy. She is currently in training to do energy clearings and healings here in the shop!

Olivia Clack

Olivia Clack is a Reiki Master educated in the Usui/Holy Fire System of Natural Healing. She
received her certification in early 2021 and has been sharing her gift with people ever since.
She has most successfully helped others recover from problems ranging from disordered
eating and mental illness to addiction. From a session, you can expect a relaxation experience
curing tension, a sense of physical wellness, and messages from the universe, angels, guides,
or even loved ones who have passed on. Reiki is beneficial for any mental, physical, emotional,
and spiritual situation and can quicken the recovery time for any condition. Let the universal life
force energy flow to you.

Brittany Grant

Brittany Grant has been on a life-long spiritual path, journeying through many different esoteric modalities and beliefs. With a strong foundation in metaphysics, she has branched into Wicca, Shamanism, and West African spirituality, as well as, many other traditions and pathanons. She embraces drums and dance with vigor and has discovered the magic in music, whether it be through trance dance, sound therapy, singing, or toning. Combining many years of learning and involvement with the pagan and spiritual community, Brittany has decided to share her many unique talents and ideals. Brittany’s readings are untraditional and draw from several decks and oracles to help depict a broader spectrum of opposing energies and ideals. She combines shadows and light, with a focus on dichotomy, to help bring together and incorporate dualistic energies that help to create balance in one’s life.

Lissa Cordova

Lissa Cordova is a Holistic Healer who provides coaching sessions featuring: easy yoga poses, positive psychology exercises, mindfulness techniques, energy work, and tarot card readings. She is fully bilingual (English and Spanish) and graduated top of her class at Daytona State College. Mrs. Cordova holds certifications in Positive Psychology, and Jungian Tarot Card Reading and is an RBT (Registered Behavior Technician).

Alex Callner

To book with Alex, call us at 321-372-671 or

Alexandra Callner is a clinical consulting hypnotist. She's been in the wellness industry for the better part of 20 years. She practices Buddhist chanting Transcendental Meditation and yoga. She believes that thoughts are things and carry their own vibration that attracts or repels our desires, so she has spent her life teaching people to control their thoughts. Alexandra studied directly with Dr. Shad Helmstetter, who wrote the best-selling book " What to say when you talk to yourself" and is a leader in the field of brain science. She is certified in hypnosis by The National Guild of Hypnosis and Hypnofit Australia is trained in a very specialized form of hypnosis specially designed to release trauma, overcome depression, and stuck negative emotions as well as traditional hypnotherapy which is wonderful for smoking cessation and weight management and common fears/phobias. She helps people who want to change and live the life they deserve by using hypnosis to open the subconscious to new, positive programs and use self-talk to hard wirehard-wire it in so it becomes second nature.

Lisa Levinson

Reiki, Energy Work, 13 D Multi-Dimensional Light Worker. Lisa has been a practitioner for the last 18 years helping others to heal. Lisa's sessions are an hour long - pulling from the universal source of energy. It is a gentle method of cleansing that heals the body on multiple levels by promoting peacefulness and well-being, relieving stress while amplifying positive energies. She also offers a moldavite-infused beauty treatment, which helps rid you of what you do not need, while adding a glow to your face. She also offers ear coning and guided meditations with Ascended Masters.

Victoria Goff

Victoria is a jack of all trades, she is a telepathic, channeling vessel with clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, & clairsentience abilities. Along her journey & travels she has learned the sacred art of reiki attunement and is currently working to become a reiki master. She is also currently a student of clinical hypnotherapy at HMI College of Hypnotherapy and is on track to graduate after completing all clinicals by this time next year. She has developed the skills required to provide reading and coaching through multiple divination tools. With her passion for her studies and her own self-discovery journey, and physical travels, she has grown her own knowledge to share with others. Victoria currently helps others access their different psychic abilities. her classes and one-on-one sessions help you tap in by learning about your astrology chart and how to gain more access to knowledge through meditation. Expect yourself to empathize and gain more of an understanding with yourself, your ancestors, & higher beings with a dash of self-improvement to be guided on your journey of peace.

Natalia Goryachenkova

Natalia is a mystic, yoga & meditation practitioner, and teacher with 15 years of experience. She explores Western and Eastern esoterics and traditions. Her personal readings are based on her own approach which includes complex knowledge of numerology, Taro, fengshui, psychology, human design, symbolism of names, calculations of individual matrix, natal chart (astrology). She works on high levels of vibrations and is guided by her Angels. The reading describes a personality, strong and weak sides, peculiarities of a character and typical models of behavior, the ways of optimal solutions in complicated issues about personal life, relations, work, health, self-realization, etc. Natalia will thoroughly look through all main aspects of life using various instruments and keys to get access to information on the divine plane.

Altered States

The Lucia N0. 03 is a neuro-stimulating hypnagogic light system allowing a light traveler the ability to experience altered states of consciousness. The light stimulates harmonic brain wave patterns that would otherwise only appear after several years of meditation practice. Essentially, users feel that it is a therapeutic tool to travel into the deeper layers of consciousness.

The light enters the body through the closed eyes and travels along the optic nerve into the central brain. As your cells begin to communicate through the impulses of light (biophotonics), then light spreads through your body. Waves of light travel through the fascia and the brain entertains the pulsing rhythm of light. Your neural networks move in harmonic coherence. The light expands traveling through your nervous system relaxing the body and allowing it to reset. 

Benefits - A series of 6 sessions is recommended to help rewire the brain's neural pathways in response to stress. The stimulation, coherence, and entrainment of the brain can help an individual to manage stress, fear, and depression.

  • Down-regulate nervous system
  • Pineal gland activation
  • Increased creativity and intuition
  • Decrease stress, fear, and depression
  • Expanding Consciousness
  • Access flow state and clarity

Chris Ainsworth

Chris Ainsworth has been studying and practicing mysticism for two decades. Her thirst for knowledge of a more expensive cosmology was originally piqued by authors such as Neale Donald Walsh and Dolores Cannon, whose works inspired her to pursue a path of spiritual study. On her journey thus far, she has received a Bachelor's of Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona, the teacher level Reiki attunement, a level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis certification (past life regression), and completed level 1 of Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology course. While Chris is currently finishing her Masters in Spiritual Counseling, she remains dedicated to serving others through doing astrological chart readings, energy work, and teaching beginners level astrology courses.

Justin McPherson

Namaskaram and greetings to you, my Name is Justin and I am a Yogacharya (teacher of Union under the guidance and blessing of my Guru, Forrest Knutson) of the Panchanan Bhattacharya lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya’s Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is a refined process of Raja Yoga, as outlined in Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Raja Yoga is the process of making the body still, so that the body reflects stillness back onto the mind, and the mind then reflects pure Consciosuness. This is the transcendental state of Samadhi, and repeated “experiences” of Samadhi lead to profound change, deep healing, Self-realization, and Enlightenment. Along the search for the Original Kriya Yoga, I learned a great many things, and came to understand many others through the process of practicing and developing my skills in this beloved holy science. I have cultivated and refined some of them in my offerings. My goal in this practice is to lead my clients to discover the ocean of Bliss within themselves, to easily tap into that Bliss whenever the desire arises, and even cultivate blissfulness in their every day life.

Bliss on tap.

Tiffany Engle

Integrating the Archangels' guidance into her healing practice, Tiffany is a Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner of the traditional Dr. Usui method. Channeling the Reiki energy to heal as well as align and balance the chakras. She uses nine crystals under her table in conjunction with an F-note crystal singing bowl to connect the Reiki Energy to the heart chakra, which is the bridge between the spiritual and earthly chakras, helping to facilitate healing on all levels. She is a certified T.I.M.E. heals facilitator which also helps align the chakra system. Tiffany channels messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters during healing sessions. Sessions are one hour with chakra alignment in each session.

Natalia Schifini

Natalia Schifini is a Bilingual – Ace Certified Wellness Coach, Hands-on Healer and Personal Trainer, and a Holistic Life & Diabetes Coach, with more than two decades of experience in the Fitness Industry. She is also a Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Instructor as well as a Latin Social Dance Teacher, as well as a Hands-on Healer and a Master Practitioner. She is a trainer dancer, has practiced Gymnastics, and played Volleyball since a young age, and through her teenage years.

Natalia was featured in "The Spirit of Healing" book by Linda Harford RN in 2017; She believes there is no shortcut to Wellness. In order to accomplish this goal, one must create an integral approach where Exercise, Nutrition, and the Mind/Body connection play a role. She enjoys working with women of all ages and backgrounds, coaching them to make a difference in their own lives. She also believes in making Nutrition a key part of healing, for each individual, in order to create confidence, balance, and being unstoppable at creating optimal health.

Personal philosophy:

"For me, working as a Wellness and Holistic Diabetes Coach is an exciting way to be able to empower women to make fundamental, long-lasting, and very positive transformations in their lives. Other than improving their fitness level, taking on their weight loss and wellness is beneficial in many ways. Being in shape, and feeling energized, make us feel confident, grounded, and positive. It also provides a sense of focus and the feeling of being able to accomplish anything we set our minds to do. It develops a Champion's mentality."

Alison Matthiesen-Wahlstedt

Alison is a graduate of Space Coast Education Center for Massage Therapy.  As a current student at the Upledger Institute, she is working towards all advanced certifications in Craniosacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.  She was trained and received all Master Reiki attunements by Brevard's famous Maria Banas.  Alison is also pursuing her certification in Thai yoga massage from Ariela Grodner, founder of the Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage. Alison has a B.S. in Business Administration from Bryant College, Smithfield, RI.  She taught Elementary School for 20 years before changing her career to holistic and energy therapies.  She enjoys working independently alongside Brevard's best Chiropractic and Acupuncture doctors. Alison lives in West Melbourne with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, yoga, and spending time at the beach.  

Michael Ciemko

Introduced to yoga during a study of the origin of music, Michael has spent the last decade abroad immersed in mantras and icaros from across cultures to share the healing power of primal sound.

Michael teaches kundalini yoga, shamanic breathwork, metaverse modalities, and traditional plant ceremonies.

Class description: 

Kundalini is a technology for engaging and animating the dormant energy within the body.

In this practice, we will utilize breath, sound, body-locks, and movement to raise this energy then perform a traditional Kundalini Kriya to achieve desired, focused results with the energy we cultivate. Beginner friendly. All levels benefit.

This could be you!

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