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Angie Clark

Psychic Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Channel, Spiritual Guide, Exorcist, and Master Teacher. 

Distance offering readings 1/2 hr, 1hr, & 1hr Healing sessions & Guided Meditation (use 1/2 hr reading for this service). 

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Savanna Michelle La'u Pele Porter

Intuitive Reader

Savanna describes herself as an intuitive and eclectic practitioner of metaphysics. Her strongest skills include; candle-work, cleansing and intuitive reading. 

Savanna has been intuitive and in touch all of her life. From a young age she felt connected to nature, life and the energy all around us. She uses this ability in all of her workings. Not only in candle-work but in her readings as well. While she may use tarot and oracle decks to initially tap in, Savanna will then resort to her intuitive nature.

If Savanna could make a recommendation to a new practitioner, she would suggest self work and acts of protection. Custom candle-workings and readings are always available upon request, both walk-ins and appointments are welcome. 


We also offer events with special out of town guests and learning opportunities that you won't find anywhere else! All instructors are screened for ethical and authentic actions and abilities. We take great care and pride in offering you unique spiritual growth opportunities! Book through our online system here!