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All of our Practitioners here at Essential Elements Wellness are open-minded professionals trained in their own individual modalities. 

Japa Preet

Bio: Japa Preet is a registered Kundalini Yoga instructor who has trained to teach both adults and children’s yoga. In 2017 she completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training Level 1 and in 2018/2019 obtained her Children’s Yoga Foundations certification from Radiant Child Yoga. A believer in continuing education and personal development at every age, Japa Preet continues to learn and grow, participating in spiritual courses that help enrich her classes. Her exposure to music began at an early age when she started learning to play the piano. Fascinated with music and its effect on the body and mind she continues learning other instruments including percussion and wind instruments. It is a blessing and a gift for Carmen as a facilitator to be able to share the transformative power of sound and witness how the students benefit from it as they become their own healers.

Philosophy: Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness, it's more spiritual than other types of yoga. It is an experience of uniting the finite self with the Infinite. Once you gain this experience, you no longer have the need to look for your security outside of yourself. Your security comes from knowing who you are in relation to the Universe. You know who you are, and you can be you. Kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous system, balances the glands, purifies the blood, and cleans out subconscious thought patterns. This gives you greater awareness and ability to choose how you respond to your thoughts and feelings. With practice, you can train your mind and body not to react emotionally, not by repressing emotions, but by developing a buffer zone, a time and space in which to process and make conscious choices about your responses.

What to expect from the class: The class begins tuning-in chanting three times the Adi mantra; "ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO". This mantra calls upon your inner teacher to guide and support you during class. After tuning-in there will be a pranayama and stretches to prepare you for the kriya. Kriya is a series of exercises (can also include asanas (yoga postures), pranayama, mudras (hand postures), mantras and drishtis (eye focus)), with specified times to work specifically on an aspect of your being - physically and mentally. After the kriya comes shavasana (total relaxation) with a live gong bath. During shavasana your body integrates and benefits from the work done during the kriya; this is the time for your body to change and heal. The last part of the class is a meditation which helps quiet the mind and the body, increasing that connection with your intuition and helping clearing your subconscious. The class ends with the ending mantra; "SAT NAM"; repeated 3 times. At the end of class you will feel relaxed and in total bliss.


    Alexandra Callner


    Bio: Alexandra Callner is a clinical consulting hypnotist. She's been in the wellness industry for the better part of 20 years. She practices Buddhist chanting and Transcendental Meditation and yoga. She believes that thoughts are things and carry their own vibration that attracts or repels our desires, so she has spent her life teaching people people to control their thoughts. Alexandra studied directly with Dr Shad Helmstetter, who wrote the best selling book " What to say when you talk to yourself" and is a leader in the field of brain science. She is certified in hypnosis by The national Guild of Hypnosis and Hypnofit Australia is trained in a very specialized form of hypnosis specially designed to release trauma, overcome depression, and stuck negative emotions as well as traditional hypnotherapy which is wonderful for smoking cessation and weight management and common fears/phobias. She helps people who want to change and live the life they deserve by using hypnosis to open the subconscious to the new, positive programs and use the self-talk to hard wire it in so it becomes second nature.
      Philosophy: I believe every client is unique. So even if it is weight management or smoking cessation, I get to know the client and design a program especially for their triggers and what resonates with them. A person with severe anxiety will need a different program than someone who just got caught up in peer pressure and started smoking. Weight gain because of boredom is different than weight gain due to abuse. I take the time to find out what you truly need to reach your goals.
      What you can expect on your first visit: The first visit is a very detailed question and answer session with no hypnosis. I ask very specific questions that help me understand what is truly going on in your subconscious - that you might not even realize.

      To book with Alexandra, please give us a call at 321-372-6714 or email us at

      Olivia Clack

      Bio: Olivia has been a student of various modalities concerning the metaphysical arts for eight years. A licensed Reiki Master, a session can improve vitality, balance the chakra system, remove blocks, send healing energy to a specific time, and help one recover from injuries or illnesses much sooner. Reiki is a great benefit to those who struggle with mental illness or any stress related disorder/disease. Olivia is a psychic and medium. In the last two years Olivia has refined her practice in order to teach others how to work with collective consciousness, guides, ancestors, and energy. Specifically Olivia brings in these skills to better read Tarot Cards for clients and to teach students how to read Tarot for themselves. A Tarot reading from Olivia will give direction and insight to move through obstacles with a little more grace and assurance, she can answer questions about past loved ones, consider your chakra system, and much more! 

      Philosophy: I have healed with great gratitude for the ones who have healed before me and led me down the best path for my spirit. I would like to do the same. 

      What People Can Expect: Reiki Sessions can lead to mediumship experiences if the client is up to hearing from past loved ones, as well as messages from spirit guides and angels. A deep sense of relaxation and a release from tension. Healing of headaches and quickened recovery from injury is also to be expected. Tarot readings give great insight into the next best steps to take in life and the next best ideas to focus on as you move through stressful, overwhelming, or uncertain times.




        Bio: Natalia graduated from Moscow Aviation University with a Master’s degree in Economics and Management in 2004. Later she combined work in PR & Marketing for international companies with regular yoga practice under the personal guidance of the most experienced Ashtanga, Iengara, Kundalini, Jivamukti yoga teachers in Europe and India. Natalia was certified to teach multi style & restorative yoga by Siddhi Yoga (Singapore). As a teacher she led group and individual yoga classes in Moscow (2014 – 2020), Singapore (2017), Australia (2018). Starting 2021, Natalia lives in Melbourne, Florida. Deep knowledge of poses (asanas), anatomy and yoga philosophy allow her to design highly effective sequence of exercises for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

        Philosophy: A wise man once was asked by a curious person: "How it's possible to recognise a spiritual man?" The wise one said: "Spirituality as evidence is not what a man talks about, and it is not whom he may seem to you. But it is a special atmosphere which appears in his presence. No one is able to create atmosphere not belonging to their Spirit". In my life I had spiritual teachers who shared different philosophies, devoted themselves to different faiths or spiritual traditions. Some of them are very well known, others prefer to live like hermits. Everyone, including me, has their own unique experience and path to gain Higher Knowledge. I use a combination of claircognizance techniques and meditation, numerology, astrology, Tarot cards, Feng Shui, psychic science and psychology as keys and instruments to the world of people. 

          What to expect from the class: Vinyasa flow inspired class focusing on asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing). Developing strength, flexibility & balance, teaching to release compressed / post traumatized areas of the body, to open up a ribcage; to strengthen breath, increase lung capacity; to achieve mindfulness & improve your abilities to concentrate. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome.


          Brittany Grant

           Bio: Brittany Grant has been on a life-long spiritual path, journeying through many different esoteric modalities and beliefs. With a strong foundation in metaphysics, she has branched into Wicca, Shamanism,and West African spirituality, as well as, many other tradtions and pathanons. She embraces drums and dance with vigor and has discovered the magic in music, whether it be through trance dance, sound therapy, singing, or toning. Combining many years of learning and involvement with the pagan and spiritual community, Brittany has decided to share her many unique talents and ideals.

          What to expect from a reading: Brittany’s readings are untraditional and draw from several decks and oracles to help depict a broader spectrum of opposing energies and ideals. She combines shadows and light, with a focus on dichotomy, to help bring together and incorporate dualistic energies  that help to create balance in one’s life.  

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          Lisa Levinson

           Bio: Reiki, Energy Work, 13 D Multi-Dimensional Light Worker.
          "I have been a practitioner for the last 18 years helping others to heal as well as myself and navigate life's twists and turns.  My sessions are an hour long from the universal source of energy. It is a gentle method of cleansing that heals the body on multiple levels by promoting, peacefulness, and well-being, relieving stress while amplifying positive energies.  
          In addition you can add on a moldavite-infused beauty treatment, which helps rid you of what you do not need, while balancing it out with beauty, harmony, not to mention the most beautiful glow to your face afterwards. Also ask about ear coning, and guided meditation with Ascended-Masters."

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