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Affiliate Marketing Program

We are excited to announce that we are offering an affiliate program for local and non local practitioners and influencers. Community is important to us and in the effort to build a better and stronger spiritual community we want to share the love. We honor and admire all of you that are doing light work all over the globe, and know that with the work you do make all the difference. When you choose to partner with us we will reward you for doing what you already are. Which is caring for your clients and recommending the spiritual tools they might need in this endeavor. We pride ourselves on high quality, sustainably sourced, ethical products for the spiritual work of all denominations. 


1. We will assign you a coupon code when you register with us.

      Please send an email to letting us know who you are and how to connect with you. We will design a code that is specific to you. We will set you up on our contractor page through QuickBooks for payment. We utilize this because all the other payment systems are required to send a tax form and it will look like you have had 2 incomes from 1 source. This will go directly to your account of choice. You will set it up yourself so we wont have access to it through workforce. We do recommend a separate account just for safety. Once you hit the $600 in commission for the calendar we will need to collect tax information and will not be able to pay out more unless you can provide it. (sorry friends business rules lol) Payouts are once per month on the 1st or the next closest business day following.

2. You pass this code to the clients you serve or followers that you have on social media as you make your recommendations.

     When they use this code they will get a 10% discount on the products you recommended. You will also receive 10% of the purchase price of the item. (we can't give commissions on tax and shipping)

    The code must be entered as they purchase or order. This can work in store or online ordering. it just needs to be communicated at time of purchase. We are unable to add retroactively. You can use your code to grab a discount, but we can not pay you commission on your own sales. There is no limit to this program and it benefits everyone involved. Your clients get the care and tools they need, and you not only get peace of mind that they are cared for you also get some of the love in return. 


You must be in the US (sorry friends) to participate.

Tax info needed to pay out past $600 

You must be of legal working age 16+ 

We ask for you to maintain brand professionalism. 


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