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Essential Energetic Room Spray

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    Use these sprays made in house for any vibrational needs. 

    Grounding Spray - Sometimes you need help getting focused and present. This spray also can help calm anxiousness. 

    Sleep Now Spray - We all need a little help time to time with falling asleep and gaining rest from sleep.


    Prosperity Spray - to be used to balance prosperity, use on a personal or energetic level with projects, business, or general money situations.

    Chakra Balance Spray - We all fall out of balance and our chakras close due to stress and trauma, use this spray to re-balance the body energy. 

    Energy Clearing Spray - You can’t always burn sage when you might need it. This spray is formulated to help you clear negative energy from your space or your person.

    Raise the Vibe Spray - Focus on maintaining energy flow. High vibes only!


    Love Me Spray - Align your worth and value, self love is the foundation of all loving relationships.

    White Sage Spray- Use this spray when traditional smudging isn’t ideal. 


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