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    Essential Mojo Powders are a mixture of herbs, minerals and oil. These powders can be worn on the body, used as a spiritual sprinkling powder, in spiritual baths, or in candle magic. 

    Each powder helps assist you with different goals that you are seeking.

    Angel Powder brings forth the essence of the angels and protects for om curses and evil spirits.

    Psychic Awareness will help increase natural clairvoyance, open communication between yourself and spirit.

    Dove’s Heart will calm restless souls, solves problems of the heart. It can also help you kick a habit or change patterns.

    Return to Sender will help with Breaking Hexes or sending back evil spirits from where they came.

    Fast Luck can be sprinkled at your business, home, wallet or purse to increase luck and success.

    Flying without a Broom assists with astral travel, sprinkle under bed or use for deep meditation. 

    Legal Assistance can be used to win court cases and overcome legal entanglements. 


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