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Shungite For EMF Radiation - Why It's Important

Shungite For EMF Radiation - Why It's Important

Posted on June 27 2022, By: Tiffany Cervantes

Shungite For EMF Radiation - Why It's Important

In today's modern world, now more than ever, we are constantly being bombarded with toxic electromagnetic radiation. 

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) are invisible fields of energy produced by electricity such as your cell phone, computer, tv, and even your fluorescent lightbulbs used in your homes. EMF exposure is linked to numerous health problems in adults and children, with children being the most susceptible. 

There are so many areas of exposure in our everyday lives that it can feel almost impossible to take control and do anything about it. However - you DO have control.

Let's start by introducing Shungite for neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF radiation. 

Shungite: Found in the Russian region of Karelia, this unique stone is comprised of what's known as a "Fullerene". A fullerene is a molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms forming something that looks like a hollow soccer ball. This is the only known molecule that forms a spherical cage in nature. This unique structure makes shungite a ¨free radical sponge¨ with the ability to neutralize EMF radation and reset itself again and again.
"Shungite material actively interacts with electromagnetic fields of different natures (anthropogenic, high frequency, solar, geo-geogenic, biofields) and counteracts their negative influence." Russian Academy Of Sciences, Karelian Scientific Centre Institute of Geology 
Shungite doesn't actually block EMF radiation in a technical sense - you can't block your Wifi with it. What it does is re-align your bio-energetic system in the presence of shungite, whereas EMF misaligns it. All living beings have a torsion field that we operate within and EMF radiation throws it all of out balance.
We here at Essential Elements Wellness have several shungite products for you to choose and work with. For on your body, we recommend our shungite bracelets for everyday wear. 
For in your home and office, we recommend placing a shungite deflector disc or shungite cube.
For your loved ones, we also have some beautiful sterling silver shungite jewelry.


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