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Energy & Well Being

Energy & Well Being

Posted on January 04 2024, By: Angie Clark

Energy & Well Being

    As we start the new year, we typically become aware of our patterns in lifestyle, diet, goals, and anything we wish to change in life. The new year is the time most of us are looking to reprogram many of them and have the desire to change or make a new start. Most people only evaluate their body in this and what it looks like. What are you putting in your body for nutrients? How much movement are you
getting in daily? This is usually where we stop looking. I encourage you to take a little bit of extra time and begin evaluating your mental and emotional health. This can show you some hidden pieces in your health journey and better yet where some of these bad habits stem from. This can be a key to helping you change the behaviors and habits you need to shift to get where you want to go. Begin with looking at where your thoughts are and the emotions you regularly experience in your daily activities. How are they prohibiting growth or keeping you stuck?Depression slows the metabolism to a grinding halt, and stress allows the body to believe it’s under attack and store all the fat it can. To make fitness easier work
with the emotions that are problematic to clear the pathways.

    There are a million different theories and techniques to get thinner and in better shape, but what we often miss is the emotional balance and energy state in the equation. Energy affects the body in some profound and significant ways when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Stuck energy and thought patterns create chaos in your natural body rhythm and do not allow cells to communicate and
they can become inflamed blocking exchanges of the key hormone absorption. Our bodies are treated like they are mechanical things by modern medicine, and that it works without being influenced by your mental environment. Those of us in the energy healing world know that this is not accurate. We know that stress causes many negative consequences on the body, and that the chemistry that is activated by this emotional or energy space is an easy thing to reverse and manage with the right mindset and tools. One of these tools is energy work. There are many varieties of this type of treatment, and many personalities to choose from. Reiki, theta, kundalini, shamanism, and many more. They are all similar in that these are techniques taught to instill habits and to allow the energy to move through the
practitioner to the client. I encourage learning many if you are working toward being a healer in practice for yourself or others. This way you can blend the frequencies for the benefit of the client as well as your own growth and understanding.

     So how does it work and how can you benefit? An energy healer spends a great deal of time learning and honing a craft to access frequency and energy wave to be a conduit for spirit. The way this is designed to function is that the healer learns how to move energy and begins the practice by working on themselves. This doesn’t stop and should not for the entirety of the service they provide to the world. The healer must grow in themselves to access more frequencies to share with you. The more they grow as a being the more they can provide for you. An energy healer does not heal you. The terms are a bit misleading. However, the practitioner creates a safe and connected space for the energy exchange (quantum entanglement backs this phenomenon). They hold the energy for you to subconsciously take
what you need and make the corrections in your field. Basically, they lend you the security of the energy you need for balance, and it passes to you. It’s a bit like lighting a candle with another one. This is why no two experiences are the same. They cannot be. The experience you have will be dependent on what you need and what they can hold. The goal includes stress relief, calm energy, quiet mind, and feeling grounded in your body afterwards. The reduction in stress and the body’s level of balance will shift the physical chemistry that aids in weight loss, exercise, and overall health. The added sense of peace is also a general benefit enjoyed by those who receive this type of service. The emotions play into the equation
with how much they alter the chemistry of the body. Depression, grief, and high anxiety can damage the body when the state remains high for a long period of time. Emotions are meant to indicate things out of balance, but we tend to live in them. When they are frequent and out of balance they can cause and increase states of un wellness. When cortisol, the stress hormone, is high it prevents the absorption of nutrients, flow of the blood, and damages cell structures. This non-balanced state allows the body to store resources as if its under attack, and the survival mechanisms in the body indicate the calories must be stored in form of fat. Meditation and energy work are fantastic ways to manage this part of life and help with all your goals in the gym. Here at EEW we have a variety of talented practitioners to help you with all your energy needs. We offer consultations and energy realignment services to the community we serve. Feel free to reach out by email or call for any questions on how this service can benefit your goals and needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals of being healthy, wealthy and wise. Please see the link to be sent to the scheduling page.

- Angie 


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