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Exotic bleds of sage and herbs to cleanse and create a unique energetic environemnt.

Smudging and Energy Clearing and Why This Is Important

Posted on May 30 2019, By: Angie Clark

Exotic bleds of sage and herbs to cleanse and create a unique energetic environemnt.

This practice is commonly called smudging. Many have heard of this to clear negative spirits but it is broader than this. Yes, it can clear those, but it's not the only thing of concern in a space. Energy is what we are responding to. It's present in each interaction with another person and also present in your environment. This can be a spirit, emotions, interactions, or events that happened there. You cannot control how all interactions occur with others but you can control your environment by clearing it. You don't need countless hours of training or understanding to clear a space. It is a hands-on practice that requires a clear head, heart, and confidence. There will be times you will require professional help, but in most cases, you can do it yourself.

The ancients knew about cleansing energy and the vibration certain spaces hold. They developed practices to clear this negativity that we are still using today. When you clear the space of negativity you are making a difference in the outside influences on yourself, mood, and emotions. You are clearing the slate so to speak so it and you can feel better. The simple version of how this works is our emotions can imprint in a space.

For example, when you are sad for a period of time you leave an imprint on the space in which you were sad. This creates a cycle that is hard to break without clearing it because it will hold that vibration and encourage you to feel sad when you enter it. If you are feeling good and come into the space it can change your mood back to sadness or make you feel fatigued. To change this cleanse the space with smudging and prayer. It breaks the cycle and encourages change.

When your space is filled with happy energy it also encourages that change in you as well. When your environment is a high vibe it helps you feel clear and happy.

There are lots of ways you can clear your space, and many cultures and spiritual practices have their versions. Intention is always key with clearing. There is no right or wrong way to cleanse and what you choose is a matter of preference and experience.

We carry tools to help you no matter what your beliefs are. We have a broad range of smudge sticks of various herbs and combinations to create the results you are looking for. We have sages, chaparral, dragons' blood, sage and herb combinations, palo santo, resin incenses, candles, and sprays when things cannot be burned.

We offer classes on the different herbs and what they create in a space. Please visit our calendar here to view our classes and events calendar.

If you are new to smudging, check out our blend kits. We have a basic and exotic version available for you to try them all and see what feels the best to you. Each comes in a reusable pouch with detailed instructions on how they are used. 

Happy cleansing, learning. and have a beautiful blessed day.


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